Mini Data Logger

OBD II Generic Mini Data Logger Add-On for PC Scan Tool

PC Connection:

An excellent add-on for the EASE PC Scan Tool, the Mini Data Logger records vehicle data during road tests. It's great for solving intermittent issues.

Product Description

Have you ever had a car come back to your shop several times for the same intermittent problem that you just couldn't duplicate?

Since it's difficult to drive exactly like your customer, many times you can't get the problem to occur when you're driving. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to have your customers record data while they are driving and capture the intermittent problem when it occurs?

With the EASE Mini Data Logger (MINI-DL), you can. Use the EASE PC Scan Tool software to configure the MINI-DL and then insert it in your customer’s vehicle. Up to 20 generic parameters can be recorded for multiple trips. After the problem occurs the customer returns the MINI-DL to you.  With this recorded information, you can diagnose the problem and repair your customer's vehicle.

OBD Scan Tool Grid

Easy To Use

Configuring and retrieving data from the MINI-DL is quick and easy with the EASE PC Scan Tool.

The date, start time and duration of each trip is displayed so you can easily find the time your customer said the problem occurred. You can also see the DTCs, I/M monitors and Freeze Frame data from the last trip.

Use to Resolve Intermittent Driveability Issues

Customer perceived problems are often impossible for a technician to duplicate on a test drive. Using the EASE Mini Data Logger (MINI-DL), the customer records data while driving and brings it back to you for diagnosis and repair.

1. Customer has intermittent problem that technician can’t duplicate. Technician assessment - Mini Data Logger (MINI-DL) required.

2. Based on the symptoms experienced by the customer, the MINI-DL is configured with the EASE PC Scan Tool to record a customized set of data. The MINI-DL is then installed by simply connecting to the vehicle’s DLC.

3. Customer performs daily driving routine. After intermittent problem occurs, customer notifies technician.

4, Customer returns to repair facility. Recorded data is retrieved from MINI-DL and analyzed with the EASE PC Scan Tool. Customer issue is resolved.


  • SAE J1850(VPW, PWM)
  •  ISO 9141-2(ISO),
  • ISO 14230(KWP2000)
  • ISO 15765/SAE J2284 (CAN)

What's In The Box

EASE Mini Data Logger

The following will be in the box.

  • EASE Mini Data Logger
  • 6' USB Cable



The following is required to use the Mini Data Logger

  • EASE OBD II Generic PC Scan Tool Software - Version 6.1 or higher
  • USB port



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