Domestic Pre-OBD II Cable Set for EASE PC Scan Tool

Domestic Pre-OBD II Cable Set for EASE Domestic PC Scan Tool


This cable set allows you to scan pre-OBD II GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles (1995 and older) with the EASE Domestic PC Scan Tool and an EASE Enhanced Vehicle Interface.

Pre-OBD II Cable Set

MSRP: $349.00

Product Description

Need to scan older GM, Ford or Chrysler vehicles?  
With this cable set and the EASE Domestic PC Scan Tool package you can.

A popular add-on, this cable set increases the vehicle coverage of your EASE Domestic PC Scan Tool by adding support for 1995 and older GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles.

Ford EEC-IV Scan Tool

These cables are easy to use. 

1) The EASE PC Scan Tool software will tell you which vehicle interface cable is needed for the vehicle.

2) Connect one end of the pre-OBD II EASE vehicle interface cables to the 25-pin Vehicle connector on the side of an EASE Enhanced Vehicle Interface. 

3) Connect the other end to the vehicle's diagnostic port.    

4) Plug one end of the cigarette plug power plug into the side of the interface.  Plug the other end into the vehicle's cigarette lighter receptacle.  If the fuse is blown or the DLC is under the hood, use the battery clips cable to get power from the battery. 

GM OBD1 Scan Tool  

This cable set adds pre-OBD II OEM Enhanced coverage to the EASE OBD II Domestic PC Scan Tool.

EASE Scan Tool Launcher

This cable set includes 5 vehicle interface cables and 2 power cables. 

This cable set requires an EASE enhanced vehicle interface and the EASE Domestic PC Scan Tool.   Be sure to read the requirements before ordering.

Vehicle Data Specifications

Domestic Enhanced Scan Tool
Chrysler, GM and Ford OBD1 Scan tool
  • Includes Support for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Plymouth Vehicles
  • Adds 1992 - 1995 Chrysler Model Years pre-OBD2 Support
  • Includes Support for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Vehicles
  • Adds 1984 - 1995 Model Years pre-OBD2 Support
General Motors
  • Includes Support for Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn Vehicles
  • Adds 1982-1995 Model Year pre-OBD2 Support

What's In The Box

GM OBD1 Scan Tool

The following will be in the box.

  • GM OBD I Cable
  • Ford EEC-IV Cable - Black
  • Ford EEC-IV Cable - Blue
  • Chrysler SCI Cable
  • Chrysler LH Cable
  • Cigarette Plug Power Cable
  • Cable with Battery Clips



The following is required to use this cable set to scan domestic OBD1 vehicles.

  • EASE Domestic PC Scan Tool: Any Version
  • EASE Enhanced Vehicle Interface:   EVI-6000, WVI-5000, WVI-CAN-USB, FVI-CAN-USB, WVI-12-CAN, FVI-12-CAN or UVI-J2534-1

X   Will NOT work with EASE Universal Reprogrammer II  (URI-J2534) or Universal Reprogrammer II+


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